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Follow these simple steps to see if your pool has a leak

  1. Make sure your pool is filled to its normal level.
  2. Fill a bucket with pool water, leaving about 2-3 cm from the top.
  3. Leave the bucket on the first step of your pool (you may need a brick in the bucket to stop it floating).
  4. Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket
  5. Turn off your auto filler if you have one.
  6. Turn off your pool pump.
  7. Mark the water level both inside and outside of the bucket.
  8. Turn your pump back on so it can continue operating normally
  9. Compare both levels after 24 hours have passed

If the pool water level that’s marked on the outside of the bucket is lower than the water level mark on the inside of the bucket, you more than likely to have a leak.

No swimming in the pool while doing the test, if it rains the test will have to be redone